Remote text console control for GNU/Linux

Synopsis: be able to use your HW consoles (/dev/tty0..7,/dev/vcsa0..) from a virtual terminal (i.e. from a telnet session).

Last release:
(tested on kernels: 2.4.18/2.4.22/2.6.5 (x86), 2.2.21 (mipsle/PS2Linux); should work fine around with no major problems)
rtcc project page

At this time only black and white console capture is avaible. The next update will include ANSI color rendering (coming soon).
If you want support for your language codes (between 128 and 255), please send me a table with the correspondences.
Don't you hesitate to send me any comments, will be welcomed ( musta4(at)users(dot)sourceforge(dot)net ).
Last update of this page: 20040707.fa

Some snapshots:

a) The user typing on a 80x30 virtual console, before pressing 'return' to launch "rtcc":
snapshot 1

b) Suddenly, the user can view and interact with /dev/tty0 (/dev/vcsa0), just like [s]he was infont his/her physical monitor. At this photo you can nothe that the user logs into the system via the console. It works for text-console like VNC does for graphical environments.
snapshot 2

c) After pressing "control n" (^n), you can watch /dev/tty1 (/dev/vcsa1). Yes, it's the same screen as for (b), tty0/tty1 work with the same data stream.
snapshot 3

d) Pressing again ^n, but for three times, we reach /dev/tty4 (/dev/vcsa4). We can watch the login prompt again (like the (b) snapshot):
snapshot 4

e) Remember to press "control x" (^x) to return to the shell.

Well, no more snaps. This utility is pretty simple, I hope you'll find it useful.

Greetings to: friends at tcsdl